To paint or not to paint…

Now there is a question that I am asked at nine out of ten listing appointments.  If you have to ask then you should.  Paint often offers the largest return with the least amount of money.  A fresh coat of paint will brighten your home and will elevate its appearance by providing a clean and refreshed look no matter the age of your home.  Remember, your favourite colour may not be everyone else’s favourite colour unless it is a neutral warm tone or white.

Now that we have established that you should paint, is this a job you can do yourself?  Of course you can paint your place yourself but you should only do so it you have the time and attention to detail to complete the job in a professional manner.  For all the benefits that a professional caliber paint job can add in terms of salability and value, your home can be destroyed by a lousy “DYI” paint job.  The idea is to make your place shine and appear to not need work.  A poor paint job can do quite the opposite.


If you are preparing to paint your place and feel lost call Dale and I as we can offer direction with colour choices to appeal to the masses and/or can put you in contact with a great painter! 


Happy Painting!

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